Troop 29 at the Spring Camporee


This past weekend was the 2007 Mark Twain District Spring Camporee. This was held somewhere different: Strang Reservation, part of the Housatonic Council (we're in the Connecticut Rivers Council). We had nice weather, and a lot of fun!

Troop%2029-Spring%20Camporee%20%281%20of%2067%29.jpg Troop%2029-Spring%20Camporee%20%285%20of%2067%29.jpg Troop%2029-Spring%20Camporee%20%2810%20of%2067%29.jpg Troop%2029-Spring%20Camporee%20%2811%20of%2067%29.jpg Troop%2029-Spring%20Camporee%20%2833%20of%2067%29.jpg Troop%2029-Spring%20Camporee%20%2855%20of%2067%29.jpg Troop%2029-Spring%20Camporee%20%2858%20of%2067%29.jpg

A Scout and fellow photographer also posted some of his photos from the weekend.

At the Camporee we had to participate in the campfire with a skit. The Scouts kept waffling on what they wanted to do, and ultimately said they didn't want to do anything. But I had an idea!

The Scouts all got into groups of two or three, and each group picked a skit to do. At the campfire all of the Scouts went up and did their skits--all at the same time! We had 11 Scouts doing 4 or 5 different skits, all together; it was hilarious to those of us who understood! For the rest of the Troops there, the idea started out rocky, with everybody confused and a number of people yelling "this is dumb!" After a few moments people started to "get it," though. It didn't take long for everybody to start laughing. The Scoutmaster leaned over to ask "when do we stop this?" We left them go for a few minutes before clapping to get the Scouts to finish it, but I think they would have just kept going if we didn't stop them!

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