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You may have noticed that we haven't posted any Christmas photos yet. There's a reason. (Actually, there are several, but this may be the most important.) My digital camera--a Canon 20D--is having trouble.

In the past, every great once in a while, my camera would give me a corrupt photo. I didn't think much of it because it was just one photo out of hundreds or thousands--it must just be a little hiccup. However when I tried to get the Christmas photos off my camera, Adobe Lightroom rewarded me with a "no photos found" message. After fooling around with the camera, memory cards and the computer I came to the conclusion that the camera has a problem writing to the memory cards.

And so, I hunted out some photo recovery software. I'm trying Digital Photo Recovery 3, and it's only recovered 4 out of 68 photos.

Does anybody have any suggestions on other software or methods to try to recover my photos? Next up, a call to Canon's customer service. I wonder how much this will cost...

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I've had success recovering files with PhotoRec:

But that was after deleting files off a memory card. YMMV with corrupted photos!

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