What’s With All These New Posts?

Regular readers may have noticed that over the past three weeks there's been quite a bit of new content here on danandsherree.com. Why? Last year when Sherree and I were working on a business plan, one of the things I identified as a goal was to increase posting frequency. Blogging lets me work with Movable Type as a user (rather than as a developer), and that's a really valuable tool to do things like see shortcomings that I could solve with a plugin, for example, or working with a client to find a solution to their specific needs.

So why didn't I do this when I first wrote it in the business plan? I don't know. I became busy with work for clients and writing something here became less important. The last few months have really brought on some burnout, however (hey, I am still holding down a day job in addition to uiNNOVATIONS work). So, I've been thinking more about my ultimate goals and what I was doing to meet them--and spending more time here is one of them.

I hope you'll keep reading! One of the things I struggle with is what to write about, and when. For example, I've added several movie reviews recently (Without a Paddle, Miracle, Live Free or Die Hard). Do people get sick of those? I try to keep them vague to not give away anything, but like to hit on the points I liked. At what point do you say "ugh, another?" Feedback appreciated.

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