Peter’s Eagle Court of Honor


We recently attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for a Scout in Troop 29, Peter. I joined 29 just a few months after him. (In fact, his first campout was also where Sherree first met the Scoutmaster who I would later contact about joining the Troop.) It was great to watch him advance (as well as being able to help him with some requirements), to see him become the youngest Eagle in the Troop at 14 years, 2 months!

Oh yeah, this was also the first opportunity I had to put the new Nikon D300 to work. Most were shot at ISO 2500-6400 (without flash). I wouldn't consider these shots the best that the camera can do, however, as I was (still am!) learning how to best work the camera.

PL-COH-1.jpg PL-COH-2.jpg PL-COH-3.jpg PL-COH-4.jpg PL-COH-5.jpg PL-COH-6.jpg PL-COH-7.jpg PL-COH-8.jpg PL-COH-9.jpg PL-COH-10.jpg PL-COH-11.jpg PL-COH-12.jpg PL-COH-13.jpg

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