Drew’s Eagle Court of Honor


On Friday evening I attended a Court of Honor for Drew, a new Eagle Scout in our Troop. I, of course, took photos.

(Actually, I went to two Eagle Courts this weekend. This one on Friday and another on Sunday, for Jeremy, a Scout from Troop 16 in Middletown, where I was an Assistant Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster for a few years. I didn't take photos and Jeremy's Court, however.)

drew-coh-1.jpg drew-coh-2.jpg drew-coh-3.jpg drew-coh-5.jpg drew-coh-6.jpg

Troop 29 does something unique to involve the Troop's Eagle Scouts: they are all responsible for pulling off the old Troop neckerchief and putting on the new Eagle neckerchief. It obviously doesn't take that many people to do it (I believe we had seven Eagles to help), but it's more about camaraderie and a welcoming ritual. There's a lot of smiling and laughter, congratulations, and patting on the shoulder. It almost says "now he's an Eagle Scout." A great tradition.

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