Tyler’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor


A few weeks back Sherree and I attended the Court of Honor for a new Eagle Scout in the Troop, Tyler. (Yes, another Court of Honor! Earlier this year in Troop 29 there was Peter and Drew--plus, there are more to come!)

I was asked to take some photos, so, unsurprisingly, abliged. I really need an SB-800 to be able to shoot in this church, where the backlighting is so harsh. Regardless, some photos:

tyler-coh-1.jpg tyler-coh-2.jpg tyler-coh-3.jpg tyler-coh-4.jpg tyler-coh-5.jpg tyler-coh-6.jpg tyler-coh-7.jpg tyler-coh-8.jpg tyler-coh-9.jpg tyler-coh-10.jpg tyler-coh-11.jpg tyler-coh-12.jpg

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that is one fine looking young boy must be the bestestscout in your troop!

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