The First Week, or So

The past week+ has been a little odd for me: I’ve only worked one job. For more than a year I worked full-time at the day job, then almost every evening and weekend I did web development. Only working one job has given me a chance to have this thing called “fun,” at least a little!

I have been catching up on lots of Battlestar Galactica, played Wii, and watched some movies. I’ve helped with laundry, run the vacuum, and have brushed the cats. I’m certainly enjoying having time for all that!

Working last week was good, but I need to work at having a better structure to help keep focus. For example, I am going to check e-mail only periodically throughout the day rather than keeping a constant eye on it. Trying to reply to a single e-mail with one or two questions seems easy until I realize I don’t exactly know the answer and decide to look it up. A two-minute e-mail suddenly takes ten minutes, and I’ve disrupted the flow I had with whatever I was working on. What’s interesting about this is the level of focus and concentration I typically need to be productive; my old day job certainly never demanded this of me, where stopping at any point for e-mail was easy.

I need to get hungry for lunch earlier. I typically eat about 12:30 or 1:00; Sherree eats at about 11:00. When she gets home she’s ready for dinner, and I’m not!

I want to finish building my office. I have some disorganized papers and need to get a handle on that before it’s a mess (again). I want to move my R/C cars into the office, because they’re fun. I want to hang some other photos.

Pinball has been weird with me during the day. At some point every day she will jump up on the desk and start to rub her head against my arm. That quickly changes into her wrapping her front legs around my arm so that she can push her head into my arm harder. If I try to pet her, she bites me.

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Pinball is just jealous that you are invading her space all day every day!

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