Welcome Back at White Memorial Conservation Center


I recently went camping with Troop 29 at White Memorial Conservation Center. This was their “welcome back” trip, the first of the new scout year.

On these “welcome back” trips, the Scouts always have a chance to go off and do what they want—ride bikes, paddle canoes, whatever. I honestly don’t know specifically what many of them do, because I’m also off having fun! In fact, I spent a good chunk of the morning paddling kayaks with some adults and Scouts! We paddled along the Bantam River out to the north bay of Bantam Lake.

The scattered nature of the weekend and threat of rain meant I didn’t get to take as many photos as I wanted, but it was still fun to play with the camera. In fact, Jeff and I were toying with off-camera flash—and have exactly no results to show for it. The photos below are of Scouts playing steal the bacon before dinner, and the adults vs. Scouts wiffle ball game, just before dark.

wmcc-1.jpg wmcc-2.jpg wmcc-3.jpg wmcc-4.jpg wmcc-5.jpg

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