Foster Farm Corn Maze


On Saturday night we visited the Foster Farm corn maze. This year the maze was carved out in an aquarium theme, with fish, a dolphin and a mermaid.

At our Troop’s planning meeting a few months ago, the Scouts decided they wanted to have some non-Scouting fun events that family and friends could be invited to. This was the first one. I think we had 5 Scouts and 14 people total go.

The Foster Farm maze is less of a maze and more of an orienteering and map-reading activity. At the start you’re given a map to help you traverse the 4.2-mile maze and along the way you’re looking for markers. At the markers are hole punches of varying shapes for you to punch your map with.


Two Scouts made an announcement that they were going to run the maze and get done first. We couldn’t have that! Sherree, Jeff, and I headed out and took turns reading the map and leading through the maze. We were going through quickly and decided to make a phone call to the pair of runners: “we finished the first section, where are you?” We wanted to put some pressure on them! As we continued through the maze we called each other a few more times for status checks.


Sherree, Jeff, and I finished first. We called the runners, and they claimed to be done (“we’re by the snack bar”) but they weren’t. We wandered a little bit but eventually head back to the maze exit, where we ran into an Asian man who told us “there’s a rhinoceros over there!” It’s possible we misunderstood him, but it kept us laughing the rest of the night. We sat down in a boat (yep) right by the exit to wait for the others.

Jeff eventually made a call and made up a story that they needed to hurry up and get out because there’s a $2 fine for staying in the maze past 9 pm! Between this made-up fine and the rhinoceros sighting it was a very funny evening!

We wrapped up the night with a stop at Panera for some hot chocolate and cookies.

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Aw, I wish we could have come! This sounds like a blast!

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