Troop 29’s Backpacking Trip


Over Columbus Day weekend (October 11-13), Boy Scout Troop 29 went on a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail. They hiked through Massachusetts and up Mt. Greylock.

I wasn’t along on this trip (Sherree and I were in Vermont). These photos were taken by our Scoutmaster.

backpacking-1.jpg backpacking-2.jpg backpacking-3.jpg backpacking-4.jpg backpacking-5.jpg backpacking-6.jpg backpacking-7.jpg backpacking-8.jpg backpacking-9.jpg backpacking-10.jpg backpacking-11.jpg backpacking-12.jpg backpacking-13.jpg backpacking-14.jpg backpacking-15.jpg backpacking-16.jpg backpacking-17.jpg backpacking-18.jpg

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