Troop 29 Roasted Me


With the kid coming, we knew we needed somewhere else to live. We talked about moving closer to Sherree’s job, but one of the big downsides to that would be that we’d be moving out of Bristol, and away from Troop 29. I’ve been with Troop 29 since November, 2004, so there’s been a lot of time to grow tight with the adults and Scouts. It was tough telling them I was leaving, but I was sure I’d stay in contact.

A few weeks after moving, Sherree and I went back to the Troop during a meeting to catch up with everyone. I knew that they were “doing something” for us, but what I expected and what we got were two entirely different things! They roasted me!

I expected they were putting together something casual for us: some snacks and planned time to visit with everyone. No. They dedicated nearly the whole meeting time to us!

Each patrol put on a skit involving me, and afterwards some recounted adventures we’ve had:

  • When we swamped the canoe earlier this year (which also won us the Most Memorable Moment award).
  • The Survival Weekend when several of the Scouts tied me up and stole my pocket knife.
  • At the 2007 Scout Show, Brian, the Scoutmaster, and I challenged the Scouts to an orienteering course. Of course, the part Brian remembers isn’t the ensuing competition, but watching me run…
  • Tyler recounted this summer’s Allagash trip — specifically the mysterious bag of underwear that we kept throwing at each other.
  • Brady remembered a night that he, Brian, and I sat up late, watching the fire, talking and laughing.

Perhaps one of the funniest things during the skits was that Brady dressed up… as me. With a markered-on goatee and a swimming cap, he kept a serious face while “playing” me! I wish I thought to take more photos that night, but didn’t. This is the only photo; taken with my iPhone at the very end of the night.

Tyler recounted this summer’s adventure on the Allagash. We found a ziplock bag with a pair of underwear in it at camp one morning. Was it from somebody in the Troop? Nobody owned up to missing it. Could it have been there when we arrived? It’s possible. Anyway, the next day while on the river we used our paddles to toss the bag from canoe to canoe. I suppose this is one of those stories that shows off how immature a bunch of guys can act when they’re all together! Anyway, at the end of the story he presented me with a canoe model that he and his father, Don, made for me. They modeled the canoe after my canoe on the trip — check out those details!

aww-canoe-1.jpg aww-canoe-2.jpg

Sherree and I were also surprised that they had a little baby shower for us. We received a few more books and blankets and other things we need. But what was surprising about the shower is that they all were so excited about a new Wolfgang, moreso than anyone at the other showers!

I suppose one of the biggest take-aways for me from this night was the way it was done. I’m very sarcastic and am always ready to laugh at somebody else’s expense. And they know it! As the title of this post says, they roasted me. They poked fun at me, remembered embarrassing moments, and really made it clear what kind of impression I had on them. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Troop 29 is an amazing Boy Scout Troop.

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Aw man! I wish I could have been there! Mr. Wolfgang was always there to help us out and show us how to have a good time! Though scouts and leaders will move through the troop as time progresses, no one can deny how much fun we had, the knowledge we gained, or impact we made on our world and on each others lives.

It's easy to revisit places from our past, but not so easy to revist times. Pictures help us remember swamped canoes, bonfires, outings, and faces and I'm glad that Mr. Wolfgang made such an effort to capture time in a medium that will outlast our presence on this world.

We cant be sad for leaving behind a stage in life, to progress to another. We will all miss our time in Troop 29, but we cant deny the sense of pride we share for what we have accomplished. Good luck in your next step in life, and may you progress nonstop unto your goals.

~Speaker for the Dead

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