While visiting Grammy over Memorial Day Weekend I put the screen in her front door. I had to go down into the basement to get the screen.

The basement is an overpacked disaster area filled with tools and junk. I don’t know how many years of stuff has accumulated there, but it’s a lot. I remember Pop-pop doing some work down there, and Grammy’s father (a woodworker by trade) had all sorts of tools down there. More than 50 years of family history, for sure.

It was neat to go down there and see everything again. I wanted to capture some of what I saw and remembered. And so, finally getting to the photo, here you can see a bunch of pipe clamps hanging on the wall.

This photo is lit purely by flash. I used a fill flash low at camera left (-2EV?) and a key low at camera right (0EV?). Both flashes used a dome diffuser and were set on workbenches; I wish I brought along some light stands and a softbox or umbrella! Next time.

See the original on Flickr.

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I love the photo of the clamps (no self-respecting woodworker can ever have too many!), the history it represents, and of course the technical details of the lighting setup. So that FlashBus seminar really paid off? ;-)

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