My Old PFD


I think I’ve had the same PFD for 14 years. It’s an MTI model that fits well, is comfortable, and has useful pockets. The life jacket is old and has seen lots of use. It’s a bit faded, has started to tear at one spot, and the foam is likely deteriorating — so it needs to be retired. Thinking back, it’s been on many paddling trips with me:

  • Four week-long canoe trips (two on the Allagash [1, 2] and two (maybe three?) on the Delaware [1]).
  • Two weekend-long canoe trips (prep for the week-long trips).
  • Many capsizes, though only one was accidental.
  • Two weeks at Boy Scout summer camp. [1, 2]
  • Countless day trips with Scouts [1], family, and friends. (Two with Sherree, if memory serves.)
  • Two trips with Patrick [1]
  • And more solo trips than I can count.

I’ve replaced it with a Kokatat OutFit Tour PFD (I chose the “canvas” color) which is actually quite similar to the old jacket. In other words, this Kokatat jacket looks good, fits better, and has useful pockets!

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