Recipe #5 - Todd’s Famous Blueberry Pancakes

Every year I get suckered by a student to order from the fall magazine drive and usually I pick a food magazine that I don’t already love but am willing to try (sometimes for a second time). That’s how I now get Allrecipes Magazine. I’m behind on reading them because of the move and all, but the other night I flipped through an issue. I think that I pulled a few recipes out to try, and this pancake recipe was one of them. It sounded like something Dan would like, and I enjoy making foods from scratch rather than box mixes.

It was yummy. As I wrote in the notes, I wonder if they would be better made with buttermilk, but I’m concerned how that would react with the amount of baking powder in the recipe. I’m not sure if I would need more powder, a combination including baking soda, or less time resting due to the acid level of the buttermilk. Something I might experiment with another time. But it was good having a warm, homemade breakfast this snowy morning. :)

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