Recipe #12 and #13- Yeast Doughnuts and Chocolate Glaze

Patrick was with me while I was thumbing through my binder of recipes to try and saw the page for Yeast Doughnuts. We decided to try them. I started the dough last night and finished it off this morning. Because I didn’t think the boys would enjoy it as much, I left out the lemon zest, and I did not make the glaze. We decided on a chocolate glaze from another recipe from Taste of Home, which I can’t link at this time. :(

Dan was telling me yesterday that he had a doughnut day tradition when he was growing up. He and his brothers would help their mom make doughnuts. So maybe we can do something similar? (But not often- I’m not enjoying the fry oil smell in the house at this time.)

The lesson I learned is that deep frying is the cooking technique in which I’m least proficient. However, they were not bad. I thought they were more dense than Dunkin Donuts, and I’m guessing that is because of the eggs in the recipe. Personally, I also prefer the cake doughnut over the yeast doughnut, so I may have to make that recipe later on. Dan liked it, but would prefer a different glaze. The semi-sweet chocolate didn’t do it for him. Patrick took a bite and said that he didn’t like it because the glaze wasn’t hardened, but then proceeded to lick all the glaze off and throw the doughnut away.

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