Recipe #14- Double Chocolate M&M Cookies

We’ve decided to move Patrick away from try-it bites because we are running out of new things for him to try and it was just becoming too much of a fight. I read in a magazine (I think it was Family Fun) about how a family does New Food Friday. They all try something new or a new combination of an old favorite. Granted, we aren’t going to try absolutely new food each week, but I thought it could be good to tie in my goal of trying a new recipe every week. To get Patrick on board, we let him pick first, and it could be a dessert. Ideally, each week he will help pick out the ingredients at the store and help cook. He also picked the day, and he picked New Food Monday. As a family, we decided that a different person will choose each week and it will alternate between dessert and real food.

After going through my pile of recipes to try, Patrick picked Double Chocolate M&M Cookies. I made the dough on Sunday night and baked a handful while freezing the rest of the batch. (We have enough sweets around with doughnuts, birthday cake, and now cookies.) In my opinion, the cookies were ok. I like my cookies a bit softer and more chocolaty. Dan will eat most cookies. Because he got a stomach bug again, Patrick hasn’t tried them yet :( I’ve had better. I think that I would prefer even a peanut butter cookie with candies… mmmmm…

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