Happy Ryan Kennedy Day!

Today was Ryan's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. While I was Scoutmaster of Troop 16, I helped Ryan (and quite a few other Scouts) advance their rank. Ryan is the first Scout to make Eagle from that time!

Connecticut's governor sent Ryan a proclamation, saying that April 24, 2005 is Ryan Kennedy Day. Towards the end of the ceremony, Ryan had opportunity to say a few words. His first: "happy Ryan Kennedy day!"

Sherree and I made a card for him with several photos and captions to it.

Below are photos of each of the pages of the card (minus the front, above).

You'll notice that on the last page the photo frame says "Photo to come." We'll be mailing a print to Ryan to put there, to complete the card! I'm not sure which one to use, though.

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my name is also ryan kennedy!!!

i live in lincoln, england

i was bored 1 day so...
i thort i'd see if i could find anymore of us out there

turns out there is loads!!!

so jus thort id say hello!!!


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