Family Picnic and Campout at Hammonasset


This past weekend was Troop 29's annual "welcome back" trip to Hammonasset. The Scouts bike a 25-mile loop (I didn't go) and return in time for dinner with their families before heading back out at night--usually to play capture the flag.

In an effort to get ready for the Fall Camporee competition next month, several Scouts built a catapult. We had some plans to follow (and we followed them), but we were left with disappointing results. After we got it together, we had one good shot: about 15 feet up and 5 feet away. After several hours of toiling and many improvements, the catapult shot our ammunition about 25 feet away. Initial attempts were disappointing, but after I left they made some great progress--50 feet!

After clicking the thumbnails below, a full-size photo should pop up. I would be interested to hear from anyone who doesn't see that behavior. Leave a comment below.

_MG_5392_edited-1.jpg _MG_5399_edited-1.jpg _MG_5402_edited-1.jpg _MG_5407_edited-1.jpg _MG_5408_edited-1.jpg _MG_5409_edited-1.jpg _MG_5411_edited-1.jpg

Of course, that doesn't ruin the weekend. The weather was still nice and we all had fun. Pictures to prove it:

_MG_5389_edited-1.jpg _MG_5425_edited-1.jpg _MG_5428_edited-1.jpg _MG_5435_edited-1.jpg _MG_5445_edited-1.jpg _MG_5445_edited-1-copy.jpg

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I measured one shot from the catapult on Saturday at 50 feet. A HUGE sucess for the scouts first attempt at building one. The fall camporee catapult competetion will be interesting and fun.

50 feet! That's much better than I saw. Fantastic!

I am a Venture crew Advisor and my crew has to build one in a week for the Brokeback Dog Challenge This event pulls 2000 scouts of all ages together for one weekend one good healthy competition using scout skills I love it we do have a good time. Thank James

If anyone has these plans I could sure use them. I have not built one like this in three years and I am having a hard time remembering how. Thank you again Lead Advisor James

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