Boy Scout Troop 29 at the Camp Mattatuck Climbing Tower


Last weekend Troop 29 spent the weekend at Camp Mattatuck. We rented a cabin and the climbing tower, and went fishing and did some orienteering. And the weather? So awesome! This is the first campout I've been able to go on since the Skills Showdown back in November, so I was really looking forward to it.

This was my second opportunity to put the new Nikon D300 to work, and shooting outside is a much more typical activity for me than being inside, like at Peter's Eagle Court. I feel like I learned quite a bit about how the camera works, and how to make it work for me. Once I started to grasp how the dynamic and single-point autofocus differed and performed I was able to lock focus much quicker and easier. It was a lot of fun using the new Sigma 10-20 mm lens, too. It's been a long time since I've used anything that wide and enjoyed seeing the different situations it did and did not work well in.

climbing-1.jpg climbing-2.jpg climbing-3.jpg climbing-4.jpg climbing-5.jpg climbing-6.jpg climbing-7.jpg climbing-8.jpg climbing-9.jpg climbing-10.jpg climbing-11.jpg climbing-12.jpg climbing-13.jpg climbing-14.jpg climbing-15.jpg climbing-16.jpg climbing-17.jpg climbing-18.jpg climbing-19.jpg climbing-20.jpg

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hello, my name is PFC rasmussen, Chris. I have been looking around and seen many of your pictures. you guys are in maine, and are troop 29. i was wondering, where in maine you guys were out of? i too was in troop 29 out of cape elizabeth, out of the mormon church. i wasnt sure if this was the same troop or not, since they seem to be under new leadership.

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