Photo Challenge, Day 3


Today is photo challenge day 3, attempt 3 (rain the previous two days kept me from taking the camera). I brought along the 70-300 mm f4.5-5.6 VR lens. For the price it’s a good lens with good compromises in size, image quality, and AF performance, but its image quality is clearly not of the level as my other lenses. Even downsampled for the web I think it’s not too hard to see the quality difference.

I didn’t have any ideas of what to shoot with this lens. If I could get lucky and see an owl again, this would be the lens to have, but I didn’t expect that. (As luck would have it, though, Brick and I did stumble across a great blue heron flying away and I was completely unprepared to shoot it.) Anyway, everyday I see these rocks lining the field at the park, and today I wondered if I could get a somewhat abstract photo of the line of rocks. This was shot at 270 mm, which was tight enough to really let me focus on the rocks and none of the surrounding area. I would have preferred to include more of the in-focus rock but didn’t feel like I could manage an angle to do that and still clearly show that it’s a line of rocks behind the in-focus one.

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