Photo Challenge, Day 1


To use my DSLR more, I’m going to take on a little photo challenge. Every day when walking Brick I’ll bring the camera with me, with the goal of taking a photo that I’m not embarrassed to share. (The bar is low.) The challenge will only last six days because I have six lenses; I’ll use a different one each day.

Day 1 Photo

Here’s the first photo from my camera challenge, shot this morning with the 35 mm lens. The 35 is my favorite perspective and my most-used lens. Getting a 35 mm prime was an easy decision because even looking through the metadata of what was shot with zoom lenses, a focal length somewhere around 35 is always something I used a lot.

Brick and I typically follow the blue trail to the white trail, and we realized that another unmarked trail off of the blue goes straight down to Blackledge River and then turns north along the river to join the white trail. It’s just a little section of trail — only a few hundred feet long — but I think it’s my favorite spot so far.

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