Photo Challenge, Day 5


Photo challenge, day 5: 60 mm macro lens. The typical prime lens kit is traditionally 35-50-85 or 28-50-85. I think my kit would be 20-35-60. 60 is a great complement to the 35 mm lens — 50 is too close to 35 and 85 is too different. (I also find 70 mm [as in a 70-300] to be a great complement to the 35.) I find 60 mm far too short for macro work — you’ll scare away the bug before you can get close enough to it, for example — but it’s seen a lot of use in copying my grandparent’s slides and has proven itself for that, too.

I knew I’d take this shot early on in the challenge. This is where the white trail meets the blue trail, and the bridge goes over Rockledge river to continue on the blue. We pass by this spot every day and I was sure this was the focal length to capture it. Just outside of the frame on the right is a bunch of mud and brush that just didn’t suit the photo. More than that, however, is that I feel lucky because today was the first day that there wasn’t a pile of horse poop in front of the bridge!

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