Photo Challenge, Day 6


Photo challenge, day 6: 105mm macro lens. For close-ups, I much prefer the 105 over the 60 because the tighter perspective makes it easier to avoid busy backgrounds, and because of the longer working distance makes it easier to not disturb the subject.

Today’s outing was a little different in that I took Brick (and the camera) for an evening walk, not a morning walk as I usually do. I noticed that the moss near the entrance had the same glow that I notice in the morning, and I also realized that capturing that glow is something I should have tried to do earlier. If Brick let me, I would have liked to better place focus (or at least try some variations), and I don’t like how similar this feels to the day 3 result with the line of rocks (both vertical with a sharp focal point fading away)… but, it’s still kind of a neat shot.

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